When you hire us and begin your Medical Aesthetics journey, it’s important to make the experience as efficient and professional as possible. To achieve this, you can download our apps that enable us to provide a seamless and top-quality service.

Perfect B Booking App: 

This is your ultimate companion for achieving your desired aesthetic goals. As most of our treatments require multiple visits to the clinic, this app allows you to manage all your appointments efficiently. With quick access to your past and future visits, you can easily set new appointments, make changes to existing ones while adhering to our booking policies, and have a comprehensive record of your entire visit breakdown at your fingertips

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Perfect B Patient Portal: 

This is your secure online medical chart where you can access all your relevant medical information, including before-and-after pictures and signed documents. This app also allows you to upload pictures for our medical team to review whenever you have questions about your body’s response to treatment or if you simply want to share an update on your awesome results.

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