Welcome to the FAQ page of PerfectB.com, your go-to resource for answers to common questions about our aesthetic medicine clinic located in El Doral. Whether you’re considering our services for the first time or seeking additional information about our treatments, you’ll find comprehensive answers here to help guide you through your journey to beauty and wellness. From details about our procedures to information about our practitioners and clinic facilities, we’re here to provide clarity and assurance as you embark on your aesthetic enhancement journey with us. Dive into our FAQ section and discover all you need to know to make informed decisions and feel confident about your experience at Perfect B.

We’re the place you go to erase those sun spots, remove that little bit of fat that doesn’t come off at the gym, and zap those tattoos you got in grade school. We’re the place that makes you glow and let you be your happy, confident self. We fuse medicine with beauty and the latest technologies to make all of it possible.

Most of what we do is completely painless, but we numb sufficiently for our services that may sting. We are always checking in to make sure we can maximize your comfort with various tools to make your experience more comfortable.

While many of our treatments are suitable for most people, truthfully, not everyone is a good candidate. We only take on patients we think we can make a meaningful difference. If we don’t think you’re a good candidate, we will refer you and explain why.

The amount of downtime can vary depending on what we’re treating. Some treatments have no downtime, while others may require some post-care compliance to speed the process along. We’ll provide you with all those instructions and always remind you of your responsibilities along the way.

The length depends on the condition and the severity of your case. In most cases, we’ll be seeing you in our clinic once or twice a month for three to four months. In some cases, we’ll be seeing you every six weeks. We’ll always work together to make sure our schedules align.

This is one of the most common FAQ. Every treatment is the solution to an aesthetic goal or condition of concern. Every human is different, and so is their treatment -there’s no one-size-fits-all despite what you may see somewhere else. If we decide to meet for a consultation, we will look at the case in question and offer you a quote for the work to be rendered.

Yes and no. While if you decide to hire us, you need to make the financial commitment for the entirety of the treatment, we offer convenient payment installments for our treatments. And they don’t do any hard inquiries on your Credit.


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